Real Good Fast Food Open Near Me

When it comes time to eat, most of us don’t have the time or the money to go to a five-star sit-down restaurant. What we want is really good fast food at reasonable prices. Anyone who lives around will soon find that there are a number of great fast food restaurants that are not your typical everyday choices and the food in those restaurants are terrific. You can go here to see exactly what’s open near you: Here we’ll take a look at real good fast food near me.

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza

Let’s face it, when it comes to fast food open near me, pizza is a top choice. The problem is that some of the typical places you might grab a pizza from are tired and boring choices. These other pizza places typically offer the same old thing you’ve always had. But sometimes you want something that is special. If that’s the case then you’ll need to try Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza. This restaurant has several locations..

If you choose the custom build pizza you’ll be able to put on as many toppings as you desire and you choose which ones they are. Another possibility is to pick a half and half and when it’s a build it yourself pizza it’ll come out perfect every time. When the price is a measly $8 and it tastes great, it’s just a deal you can’t beat.

This pizza chain is designed to be fast and casual and they have an actual assembly ordering line that allows you to build your own pizza. There are other similar style pizza joints such as Uncle Maddio’s and MOD Pizza but most people will agree that Blaze is the best. It’s hard to beat a pizza joint that offers a build-it-yourself delicious pizza that’s affordable.

This pizza joint keeps things simple by offering one size which is 11 inches and it comes with a thin crust. The price is currently $8.25. When you select the build it yourself pizza you can choose among eight different types of meat and 18 vegetables. It’s also possible to add a salad and dough knots as well as a dessert and a choice of drinks that include fountain drinks, lemonade, and tea. They also have some unique drinks such as kiwi cooler, blood orange lemonade, and Sunset punch.

The Varsity

It first opened all the way back in 1928. From then until now it is always been a recognizable fast food restaurant known for its tasty food and reasonable prices. There’s a good reason why this fast food restaurant has remained open for over ninety years. Obviously, the economy has gone up and down repeatedly over that timeframe and many other changes have occurred and yet this fast food has stood steadfastly serving the community.

If you’re looking for good fast food near you like a great tasting chili dog or a burger that’s better than your big chain burger joints, then this is a great place to come. There’s also some great fries and onion rings to go along with your sandwich. Other great choices that you can get here include frosted orange which is a great choice on a hot day. Obviously, if you go there during a Georgia Tech game then it’s going to be extremely busy. But if you want some great fast food then you really should go to The Varsity.

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

Why go for a tired and typical hotdog when you can have a chili sausage or chicken sausage dog. It’ll give your dog some zing and leave you satisfied. They also make great breakfast sandwiches which means you can go there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This fast food restaurant provides a remarkable environment that has been described by its customers as very chill. As you would expect, they have a choice of sides that you can order and you will find that the portions are large and the value is good.

If it’s a hot day you can get your sandwich with a milkshake. On Fridays and Saturdays, this fast food is open 24 hours. Some customers say the red velvet milkshake is awesome. Its casual atmosphere along with its great food and reasonable prices make it a terrific choice.