Sushi Restaurants Near Me

Sushi Near Me.

Where can I find Sushi near me?
Where is the nearest Japanese restaurant?
Are there any sushi restaurants near me, that are open now?

Sushi restaurants in particular, and Japanese food in general, has become increasingly popular in the US in recent years, due to increased consumer health consciousness and rising disposable incomes. Sushi is actually quite healthy, and you tend to lower your calorie intake when dining on sushi compared to typical American cuisines.

Another reason for the popularity is, that sushi is a “sophisticated fast food”: The sushi has usually already been prepared, so you just need sit down and complete your order, and then dinner or lunch will be served in minutes. And, of course, sushi IS rather delicious.

What is Sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese food that consists of vinegared rice combined with seafood, vegetables or tropical fruits. The ingredient that all sushi have in common is rice, either brown or white rice. Sushi is often made with raw seafood, but not necessarily. Raw fish sliced without rice is called “sashimi”.  The pressed seaweed paper used to hold sushi together is called nori.

There are two main types of sushi: Maki and nigiri. Maki is rolled sushi (ingredients laid on a sheet of nori, then rolled and sliced into round pieces. Nigiri sushi has 1 main ingredient laid on a bed of vinegared rice.

Number of Sushi restaurants in the US.

The latest available numbers show that there are 3946 sushi restaurants in the US (2014), but the industry is growing.

Sushi Restaurants near me – Use the Map.

With less that 4000 sushi places in the whole of the U.S.A, finding a sushi restaurant near your location can be difficult. Use the map below to pinpoint the sushi restaurants closest to you. Click on a location to reveal the address, phone number and opening hours.

Search for Sushi Restaurants Near Me:

Search for Sushi or Japanese restaurants in your city by using the search box below:

Examples – Simply type:

“Sushi near me”
“Sushi Restaurants in Los Angeles”
“Japanese Restaurants in New York”
“Sushi places near me, that are open now”
“Sushi delivery near me”
“Hibachi near me”
“All you can eat sushi near me”

or similar phrases. Just use the city that you are in. Then press enter or hit the search button.

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