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Is there a shopping malls near me, which is open right now?

Find shopping malls near me, shopping centers, supermarkets & outlet malls near me with the Mall Map.
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Shopping Malls – General Information.

The largest mall in the US is the Mall of America feet (452,000 m2) with 520 stores.
The largest mall in the world is the New South China Mall in Dongguan, China with a floor area of 892,000 m2.
The largest shopping center in Europe is the Puerto Venecia in Zaragaza, Spain with 207,000 m2.

There are nearly 47,000 shopping centers in the United States, of which 1300 are categorized as “enclosed malls”.

The trend towards online shopping means that shopping malls are slowly emptying. In the USA about 200 out of 1,300 malls across the country are going out of business. To change this trend, owners are trying to turn malls into leisure and entertainment centers with attractions like parks, kids playhouses, movie theaters and gyms.

Search for a Shopping Mall Near Me.

Search for a mall in your area/city by using the search box below:

Examples – Simply type:

“Mall near me”
“Shopping Mall in Minnesota”
“Outlet Mall in Los Angeles”
“24 Hour Supermarkets in New York”

or similar phrases. Simply type the city that you are in. Then press enter or hit the search button.

Malls Near Me – Use the Map.

Searching for Shopping Malls on Google Maps.

The advantage of GoogleMaps is that the site will automatically find your location with the help of GPS or IP addresses. GPS must be turned on, if you are using a cellphone, though. The results include the shopping mall opening hours, local telephone numbers, reviews from customers, plus you can use the added “directions” function to navigate there quickly, if you are driving.

Shopping Malls Opening Hours.

Typicall mall opening hours are:

Monday to Saturday 9 am – 10 pm.

Sunday 11 am – 7 pm.

However, opening times vary greatly from mall to mall. All malls and department stores remain open for longer hours between Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas Eve for the Holiday shopping. Many are open until 11 p.m in this period.

There are currently no 24 hour shopping malls in the US, that we are aware of, not even in New York or Las Vegas. For 24/7 shopping try searching for a Walmart near me or CVS near me.

Happy Shopping!

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