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You can now find specific pages on, for example, the Costco Opening Hours, Walmart Hours, Starbucks Hours & Locations, McDonalds Breakfast Hours, Chipotle Locations, Fast Food restaurants and Chinese Restaurants in my area, plus contact details for the most popular fast food restaurant chains in the country.


Restaurants Near Me.

Using the Restaurant Finder/Location Finder.

If you are looking for specific types places to eat in your city, then simply choose the chain of restaurants that you prefer in the menu, navigate to the page and either search with your city name or use the corresponding map.

If you are looking for suggestions for any restaurant nearby, then visit: Restaurants Near Me.

If you are looking for suggestions for fast food restaurants, then visit: Fast Food Near Me.

Alternatively, you can always use a search engine and search for “STORE NAME + store locator”. Many large chains have a dedicated webpage, where you can search for local store hours and contact information. Sadly, many corporations have neglected this very important part of good customer service and the information is often outdated or simply non-existent.

If that fails, then try google maps. Open googlemaps.com and search for “Store Name + Your city”. The search results often have hours of operation, address and the contact telephone number listed. But not always.
Contacting Business Customer Service Departments.

If you have a question for the main office of a chain of stores, then there are usually 4 ways to contact them:

Call the Customer Service Call Center. This can sometimes be a time-consuming affair, but there are tips for getting through to a human quickly (see below).

Contact the business through social media. Most large corporations now have a dedicated social media department that answers questions through their company Facebook or Twitter pages. If you ask a question on their Facebook page, you will usually get an answer within the same day.

Website Feedback Form. Most companies have a feedback form on their main website under ‘Contact’. Expect a reply within 48 hours.

Send a letter. All corporations have a headquarter mail address. Expect to get a reply in 1 to 2 weeks

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