All About Indian Food Restaurants

All over the country, exotic food is becoming more and more popular among food lovers. Americans have already established their love for foreign cuisines such as Mexican, Chinese, and Greek, but what about Indian food? In this article, we will talk a little about Indian food restaurants and what you want to order when you are there.

Indian food is what is eaten in the country of India, which is located in the continent of Asia. So Indian cuisine would not be the same as Native American fare. The food made and served at an Indian restaurant is rich with flavor, and often full of spices. In fact, the typical Indian restaurant has between 20 and 30 spices on hand at all times to add to their delicious menu items. Indian food uses a whole palette of flavors, meaning that you can enjoy something spicy, sweet, hot, and even sour all at the same time. There is definitely a dish to appeal to all tastes at an Indian food restaurant.

If you are not familiar with Indian food, no doubt you are interested in knowing what is available to order and what you should start out with when you go to the restaurant. Indian food restaurants are arguably known for their curries, but there is definitely much more to Indian cuisine than this. Common items and dishes found at one of these establishments include Samosa, Naan, and Pakora, just to name a few.

Samosa is an Indian pastry known for its triangle shape. It can be baked or fried. This delicious finger food is generally filled with vegetables, such as potatoes and peas. Naan is a fluffy and truly yummy bread found in Indian cuisine, and one of my personal favorite items found at one of these establishments. Pakora is compared to vegetable tempura, so if this is something you typically enjoy, you may find that you enjoy pakora as well.

A dish that many first-timers enjoy that allows them to get their feet in the door when it comes to enjoying Indian cuisine is chicken curry. Most, if not all, Indian restaurants carry this on the menu. This dish contains cooked chicken, rice, and a spicy sauce that all comes together beautifully. If you do not want something too spicy, no problem. You can ask that the kitchen makes your chicken curry mild for you. I recommend ordering this dish along with some naan bread, mentioned earlier. You can enjoy the naan alongside your meal and dip the bread into your curry sauce, or even scoop the chicken curry onto your naan and eat the meal this way.

A great feature of Indian cuisine is that it is very vegetarian-friendly. While many foreign cuisines focus meals around animal protein, Indian food contains many meals made up of vegetables rather than meat. So if you choose to abstain from animal protein, you will be glad to know that there will be many options for you at an Indian restaurant to choose from and enjoy.

In conclusion, Indian cuisine is very delicious and varied, making it a great choice for individuals with differing tastes. If you have not tried Indian food yet, we highly recommend sampling one of the dishes mentioned in this article. You’ll be glad you did! Also, we’d recommend visiting¬† to find indian restaurants near you.